Hiskia’s World

It’s better to regret something you did than to regret something you didn’t do.

On Hiskia’s World, I will keep you up to date about my whereabouts but will also help you in planning your trip, give you advice and travel tips!

In 2012 after having traveled for 350 days and over 26.000 km in 11 countries, I went back to my home country, the Netherlands. However after 5,5 months still being without a job (nevertheless having a wonderful time with my family) I got an offer to work in Taipei, Taiwan. So I packed my bags!

It feels like my travel journey will never stop! If you have a dream of traveling, just follow your heart! My heart has taken (and is still taken) me to incredible beautiful places, has introduced me to wonderful people but morover has made a richer (not financially 🙂 ) person!

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